Toucan Run

Toucan Run is open to everyone as a fun way to run together in the park.

For 30 minutes, do as many laps as you like. (Each lap is about 350 metres.)

Run or walk, it’s up to you. Bring the dog, the kids, the parents…

Every lap you will get an elastic band to go on your wrist.

Write your number of laps on the results sheet, and try and beat your score next time!

Use it as a training session, a personal challenge or just as a easy run or walk.

No forms or registration or results online. No need to be a member. Just turn up.

Open to all ages and abilities.

It’s free to take part and we have an optional donation box (suggested donation 50p).

Where: Hinckley Road Recreation Ground, Burbage (a.k.a Grove Road Park) LE10 2AF



18th May, 8th June, 22nd June 2019

Start time 11:45am

Previous Toucan Runs

#15. 4th May 2019. The force was with 53 toucaneers.

#14. 14th Apr 2019. The one with the Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. 78 toucaneers (record!)

#13. 30th Mar 2019

#12. 16th Mar 2019

#11. 23rd Feb 2019. 53 participants clockwise, sunny and warm.

#10. 9th Feb 2019. 63 participants.

#9. 19th Jan 2019. 53 participants.

#8. 15th December 2019. 42 participants. The christmas one!

#7. 24th November 2018.

#6. 3rd November 2018. Anti-clockwise.

#5. 20th October 2018. Clockwise.

#4. 13th October 2018. Anti-clockwise.

#3. 1st September 2018. Clockwise. With special guests from Hinckley Trampoline Club.

#2. 25th August 2018. Anti-clockwise. The one when Mike brought his Olympic Torch.

#1. 11th August 2018. Clockwise. The first Toucan Run!