LRRL Winter League

Details for the first Winter LRRL are as follows:

Barrow 6 – 25th January at 10.30am.
Venue, Humphrey Perkins School, Cotes Road LE12 8JU.

The race starts at 10.30am but please get there early as it’s a popular race. It would be great to get as many member as possible running this Sunday:)

For those new to the club the LRRL (Leicester Road Running League) is a series of races(11) throughout the year open to all club runner. The league is split into 2 sections(i) winter league and (ii) the summer league.

The winter league is a closed league meaning you must be a member of an affiliated club to participate. You arrive on the day and pay £4 (50p increase from last year to cover additional cost) to your club representative (that’s me this year) and off you go:) After your 1st race you keep the same race number for the duration of winter league, so keep hold of your number:) Please note a club vest must be worn during these races which if you do not have can be purchased from Penny Masser.

The summer league is a little different as it is an open league so anyone can enter (no need to be part of a club) These races can be entered online in advance. You get a different number for each race and race costs do vary.

A variety of awards are given out by the league. Individual awards are determined for the winter league based on performance in 4 out of 5 races and the summer league based on 4 out of 6 race performances. All runners that successfully complete all 11 league races will get 100% award (a very nice looking trophy:) Team prizes exist for teams who finish near the top of their division after all the years races. teams for the league require 4 ladies for a ladies team and 8 men for a men’s team.

Last year we had a fantastic turnout with almost enough ladies to make 3 teams at each race and this showed in the team results. So regardless of where you feel you are in your running the league races are a fantastic opportunity to test yourself, improve, be part of a great team and have a great experience (especially more so when there is cake at the end:)

Hope to see you all there on Sunday morning


Sarah Garford

Bradgate park run Saturday 10th January 2015 at 08:30

If anyone would like to recce the cross country course (5.4 miles) this Saturday morning then Sally and I are setting off from the car park at 08:30. Everyone is welcome, some might want to get there earlyer and run a bit around Bradgate first, or after, or both! All abilities welcome.

Please click here to view full details of the cross country at Bradgate including the map of the route. The last imagie shows the car park and we aim to meet in the public carpark on the north west corner at 08:30.

Any questions let me know.

Men’s Captain

Runner of the day for Sinai Park – Derby Runner League XC

For the men, George Birt. Finishing first for Hinckley on Sunday as well as Saturday at the County XC chamionships. George is no stranger to the cross countrys, finishing 8th and 9th in previous races. Well done George and keep up the hard work.

For the ladies, Amanda Knight. Having only joined the club towards the end of the summer, she has shown her determination and effort in every cross country race so far (and in Vibram five fingers rather than spikes!). Well done Amanda great effort, keep it up.

Despite the very hilly course many others were on top form. Thanks to all of those who ran or came to support, espically Ben Harding who, coming back from a football injury, travelled over to see if he could run in the race. Making the sensible decision after his warm up, that he wasn’t quiet ready for it. Thanks for trying though!

Men’s Captain

Double Cross Country Weekend

Last weekend saw a load of running in mud across the County. First off, on Saturday saw the Leicestershire & Rutland County Athletics Association Cross Country Championships (LRAA) held at Cosby. The course was as flat as a pancake, by the time I ran at 14:15 many sections were very muddy, just how we like it!
Hinckley Men’s Senior team came 3rd and included George Birt, Matt Johnson, Kevin Higham, Jonathan Strong, Paul Ashby and Andy Lauder. In the absence of a small trophy I think a pint at the upcoming presentation night is in order!
Ladies Senior team came 4th and included Katy Grainger, Sarah Garford, Jenny Green, Jo Martin and Celine Guery.
In addition to the Seniors, two juniors competed on their own in their individual categories. Both did very well:
Carys O’Reilly was 14th in the Under 13 girls
Bethan Padbury was 10th in the Under 15 girls

For more information about the championships on the LRAA website click here. For the results, click here.

Well done everyone!

Ladies start LRAA
Ladies start LRAA – photo by Sally Henderson


On Sunday, the 3rd cross country race in the Derby Runner League, held at Sinai Park, took place.
Many of those competing on Sunday did so after taking part in the race the previous day, maybe they hadn’t had enough mud.
A foggy, very cold (even I put gloves on!) and hilly course (hands on knees walking job!) saw a stark contrast to the previous days race.

Men came 8th, dropping us down from 4th to 6th in the league . Thanks for everyone who ran yesterday and in previous cross country races. It would be great to get more men out next time.
A bigger turnout could help us get back to 4th rather than slip further down. We had 8 men running for the team. However, everyone running can help to push down the results of other clubs runners who might count. So even if you are not in the first 8 back for Hinckley you are still contributing. And you never know what might happen on the day, a great race and you might come higher up than you think. Equally others can have a bad race and come lower than normal. Happens to all of us.
Many people enjoy the variety of off road running. It can also be a good strength workout too. Everyone is welcome, just wear a club vest and bring £3 and a smile!

Ladies came 4th and are still 2nd in the league.

Overall the team came 7th, dropping us to 5th in the league.

Sinai Derby Runner League
Sinai Derby Runner League – Photo by SL Images


Thanks and well done everyone who came to either or both events. Next cross country is Sunday 18th January 2015 at 11am (juniors at 10:15) at Bradgate Park (a fantastic place to run!). If anyone needs any more information just ask me, Steve Hatcher, or anyone else who looks like they might know!

Jonathan Strong
Men’s Captain

Presentation Night

Our annual presentation night will be held on January 24th 2015, at the Atkins Building, Hinckley. The juniors presentations will take place 5-7pm, with the adults from 7.30pm onwards.

Tickets are £5, including a buffet. Please contact Odette Foxall for tickets.

Christmas Party & Bake Off

Thank you to all those that joined in the fun at the HRC Christmas Party…and of course, special thanks to our toffee cake bakers!

The evening was a great success with ( despite all being provided with the same recipe and ingredients list!) a wide range of cakes ( in appearance and taste) from which our ‘Bake off’ judges had to select their winner.


Bake Off Picture

Our very own Mary Berry ( Ros Clayton) and Paul Hollywood ( Dave Burton) having no idea whose cake was whose, carefully tasted and analysed each cake’s texture, taste and ‘bake’.

The ‘wooden spoon’ was awarded to a cake which needed rather longer in the oven and which was creatively iced with Santa’s ‘sleigh crash’…baked by Jon Strong and Gordon Landsburgh.

The winning cake was baked by the youngest baker in the competition …proving he can not only run quite fast but can bake a ‘mean’ toffee cake……….Ben Masser! Ben was presented by our judges with a golden rolling pin!


Winning Cake
Winning Cake by Ben Masser


Cakes were then sold off by the slice with all proceeds being donated to ‘Rainbows’.

Next year’s event has already been booked for Saturday December 19th so get baking!

Bagworth Heath XC Results

Results for Bagworth Heath XC can be found HERE


As always, thanks and well done everyone who took part or supported. A slightly smaller turn out than the first one. Even if you are not in the first few back to count for a team, you will be pushing down the numbers of other club’s runners who do score in their team. Also, you might be in the top few for Hinckley! I was (just) and didn’t expect to be.

So we ended up with 14 men and 12(.8?) ladies finishing.

As a team we came 4th in League 1 again and remain in 4th place. Currently 3rd place is a way ahead of us. Although, 5th and 6th are close behind us.

This time Men came 5th in League 1, with Beaumont coming ahead of us as well as the same 3 from last time. We are still 4th place and like the teams, further away from 3rd place but with 5th and 6th on our tail.

Ladies improved and came 2nd in League 2. This pushes them up to 2nd place. I feel a promotion coming on this season.

An old venue but a new course this year. Slightly longer, and I think a bit more up and down, but good fun!

So close to call on ROD again, but Ed and I have finally managed to make a decision and will announce on Thursday.

Jon Strong – Men’s Captain

Tuesday 9th December 2014

Salisbury Road / Cambourne Road Hills (just off Winchester Drive), Burbage.

Session Type:                           Hills

Duration:                                  30 mins

Session Description:              In pairs of equal ability.  Chase each other up the hill.  Chaser gives chased 5 seconds head start

Meet at Leisure Centre for prompt 6.30 leave or at Salisbury Road for 6.50pm.

Bagworth XC – Dec 7th

Details of Desford Striders cross country winter race – December 7th Sunday

Meeting point is at the Bagworth Heath Woods country park.

Parking is very restricted and we request that runners share cars where ever possible to ease the congestion on the day. It would be also very helpful if runners can get to the venue before 10:30 so that the management of the parking can be dealt with by our marshals in an effective manner. Please follow the marshal’s requests at all times thank you.

Children’s races start at 10:30 sharp and consist of section 1, approximately 1 mile, for the younger children and two laps of section 1, approximately 2 miles, for the older children – see details below for section 1.

The main race of approximately 6.2 miles will include all three sections and will start at 11:00 sharp see details below for section 1, 2 and 3.

Prior to the race we will be selling tea, coffee and cakes at the start area.

Post race results will be announced at SID in Desford (LE9 9JU for SatNav directions) between 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM

SID (Sport in Desford) has showers, bar, function room and car parking and we will be selling tea, coffee, cakes etc and SID will man the bar.

To determine what the route is for each race just use the letters below in conjunction with the attached map


Younger children’s race :

Section 1         Start A,B,C,A Finish


Older children’s race

Section 1         Start A,B,C,A,B,C,A Finish


Main race

Section 1         Start A,B,C,A

Section 2         A,B,D,E,F,G,H

Section 3         H,D,E,G,H,I,C,B,A Finish


Course map can be viewed HERE


It’s that time of year again! All standard times can be found on these pages:

Ladies’ Standard Times

Men’s Standard Times

These pages also have an explanation of what the scheme is, and how it works.


If you’d like to apply for an award this year, please download and fill in THIS FORM

When you’ve filled the form in, please email it to

PLEASE don’t change the layout – it’ll make life really difficult! Just fill in the form, save it, and send it to us 🙂


Basic rules:

ALL forms to be in by January 4th 2015. 

Remember – it’s FIVE times for an award, or NINE for a distinction. These must all be different distances.

Times should be from races run between January 1st and December 31st 2014.

Officially measured courses only. (Conkers parkrun times are valid, as are results from Braunstone after the course change)

Please include within your email a brief summary of your running year. Highlights, PBs, funny stories etc – bad moments too if you like!

You will receive confirmation within FIVE days of sending your standard times application. If you don’t receive this, please contact Sarah Garford or Sally Henderson.


Any questions, please send an email to the above address.

Runners of the Day – Markfield XC

Well done to all who took part in the Markfield Cross Country. Having so many runners has made the selection of Runners of the Day for Andrea and me very difficult.

Many of those for whom it was their first time, I hope you enjoyed it, keep coming and tell everyone else; the more the merrier

For the men Kevin Higham gets runner of the day with another strong performance, well done keep it up (work permitting!).

There were many other impressive performances with George Birt 8th, Ben Harding 9th and Matthew Johnson 30th.

For the ladies, making her senior debut, Bethan Padbury is runner of the day. Beth was first lady back for Hinckley. She had a great race with a very good place, 15th,  and time

Katy Grainger, 31st, continues to improve and was 2nd lady for Hinckley. Kate Perkins continues to do really well too; the bump isn’t holding her back yet, looking good for her post baby personal bests.

Once again well done to Kevin Higham and Beth Padbury and thank you all who took part.


Next Derby Runner Cross Country League Race is

Bagworth Heath December 7th 11am
Heath Road, Bagworth, LE67 1DL


Jon Strong & Andrea Earley