Thursday Routes – 2 May


Long 8.7 miles
Short 7.2 miles
Hopefully better weather than the last time we ran across the Common to Aston Flamville!
For those wanting a longer route, there are opportunities to add a couple of miles on by turning left at Lidl (Westfield Rd), following Strathmore Rd to Coventry Rd then heading back to the leisure centre
Usual 6.20pm meet (outside the leisure centre by the benches at the front of the building) for a 6.30pm departure.
See you there 🙂


Tuesday Training – 30 Apr

So how’s everyone feeling after their amazing achievements yesterday (and all those who didn’t race but no doubt ran)? Well done to you!
Are you ready for some more training?😱😳💪
Tuesday 30th April
Swallows Green (end of Barwell Lane/ Harwood Drive) for some flat laps.
33 minute session, 450 ish metre reps, every 3 minutes x5 with an extra 3 minute recovery, then another 5 reps.
at least 5k pace, do as many as you wish.
Meet at LC from 6:15, leave at 6:30 for a warm up run to the venue. Session due to start at 6:45


Thursday Routes – 28 Mar

Long route 9 miles
Short route 6.5 miles

After this weekend when the clocks ‘go forward’ we will be able to start thinking about heading out into the countryside 🙂
Meet as usual at the Leisure Centre 6.20pm for a 6.30pm departure.
See you there 🙂


This is our monthly paced run. Pace groups will be 8:30/mi long, 9:00/mi long, 9:30-10:00/mi short.