Thursday Routes – 9 Aug

S24 in the ‘big book of routes’

Not a lot of difference in distance between long and short (8.7 vs 7.2 miles) but both take in part of Burbage Common.

Long route:…/…/2016/07/S24-Long.jpg

Short route:…/uploads/2016/07/S24-S…

Alternatively, to make it about 5 miles in length, turn left at the end of Smithy Lane after crossing Burbage Common and head back up Sapcote Road to Hinckley.

Hopefully something for everyone here 

6.20pm meet at the Leisure Centre for 6.30pm departure.

See you there 


Thursday Routes – 28 Jun

Just one route posted as I know lots will probably do their own thing in order to get back to watch the England match.

I will be running this route at 5pm if anyone (my speed!) wants to do the same.

Maybe if you are planning to run at the usual 6.30pm time, you could message those in ‘your group’ – just want to make sure that no one ends up running on their own 

Have a good run and enjoy the football