Tuesday Training – 10 Jul

Swallows Green field, end of Barwell Lane
400m reps, every 3 minutes x 10 with a 3 min rest after 5 reps. Session lasts for 33mins.
Meet at LC 6:15 to leave at 6:30. Session warm up(!) starts at 6:45. I will meet you down there as I need to put cones out etc.


Tuesday Training – 3 Mar

Harrowbrook Estate – Pyramids
( just for you Chris )

Running from corner to corner;

1 x hard
1 x easy
2 x hard
1 x easy
3 x hard
1 x easy
4 x hard .. dig deep folks
1 x easy

Back down

3 x hard
1 x easy etc

30 minutes session .. please bring water

Let’s do this !


Thursday Routes – 28 Jun

Just one route posted as I know lots will probably do their own thing in order to get back to watch the England match.

I will be running this route at 5pm if anyone (my speed!) wants to do the same.

Maybe if you are planning to run at the usual 6.30pm time, you could message those in ‘your group’ – just want to make sure that no one ends up running on their own 

Have a good run and enjoy the football



Tuesday Training – 26 Jun

Hollycroft park

I will meet you there, come in the entrance on Hollycroft at the bottom of the hill.

We will be doing about 1/2m at just quicker than 5k pace, with 1/4 recovery jog. Using the left side of the park (looking from the bottom). So up then down the hill, so try for an even effort rather than pace. 2 loops at effort, then 1 recovery loop for you to regroup, have a social chat etc 😀

Worth bringing water folks, it might be warm.

Purpose is to improve your VO2 Max.


Thursday Routes – 14 Jun

S04 long and short in the big book of routes.

Long route: 9.3 miles

Short route: 6.9 miles

I may not be able to join you (Primary Schools Area Sports comp in Leicester) so please ensure you are familiar with the routes!

6.20pm meet outside the Leisure Centre for a 6.30pm departure.

Have a good run!


Tuesday Training – 5 Jun

Location – Langdale community Park – Off Brodick Road

Approximately 1.5 mile warm up to location

Session – Pyramid 44.30 minute session of which 15.30 will be easy/recovery

30 sec quick, 30 sec easy x 5
1 min quick, 30 sec easy x 5
2 min quick, 1 min easy x 2
3 min quick, 1 min easy x 1

Back down ..

3 min quick, 1 min easy x 1
Etc etc etc

Simply .. run and recover on the whistle 😁🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

NO warm up on location so please ensure you warm up if you’re meeting at the park

Come on let’s do this !