Tuesday Training – 16 Jan

Castle Street!
Working in groups of similar ability, effort up to the top (or a bit shorter if you need to). Recovery on the way down with an easy jog, regroup and head straight off. So not really hanging around in the cold.
Don’t sprint up, think 10k or slightly harder effort given you will be doing plenty of short reps. Think form, upright, head up, knee drive and pump your arms
Don’t burn out on the first two (like me!)

Meet at Hinckley Leisure Centre (corridor downstairs from reception) from 6:15 for 6:30pm departure.

Coach: Jon

Tuesday Training – 9 Jan

Salisbury Road, Burbage – off Winchester Drive Meet at the junction of Sherborne Road with Salisbury Road

Meet at the LC at 6:30 pm – if going straight to the venue then meet about 6:45

Lovely lovely hills!

Short good Hill Form drills & Practice.

Then working in pairs – ‘Cat & Mouse’ up the hill, take it in turns to be the Mouse

Please note, this session will be repeated in week 4. Take note of how many reps your pair manages, what your perceived rate of exertion is ( breathing, can you talk?) at the halfway point and at the end of the session.

Coach: Odette

Tuesday Training – 2 Jan

Hansom Cab Loops (the final instalment of a long rep block)

Working in 3’s with 2 laps on and one lap off

30minute session, after 15 minutes stay as you are but switch to fartlek style (alternating the pace at each corner steady/faster/steady/faster etc)

Meet at Leisure Centre from 6:15pm for 6:30 depart or meet at 6:45pm opposite the Hansom Cab front entrance

Coach: Jenny

Thursday Routes – 14 Dec

Thursday Routes:W05 in the ‘big book’

Long route: 8.7 miles

Short route: 6.4 miles

**********Note: It is currently snowing – again! And this is on top of paths that have not yet fully thawed. We will need to review the situation again tomorrow and if it is considered unsafe to be training, a note to this effect will be posted on our page so please check again tomorrow before heading down to the leisure centre for our usual 6.15pm meet.


update: 5:30pm Following feedback from several people, tonight’s club run will still go-ahead.

Tuesday Training & Mince Pie Night


Tuesday nights session was intended to be Long Reps at Sunnyside. I will inspect that location tomorrow evening.
It may be that I change the session to a Hill Session at Castle Street, as normally that is clear. I will also inspect that location tomorrow evening.
However, given the snow we have had today and the forecast for temperatures of -8 degrees over next couple of days / nights, it is likely that most locations for speed sessions will be unsafe for us.
As it stands, Mince Pie night, to be held by Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield is still on. If anything changes I will advise ASAP.

Thursday Routes – 7 Dec

Long route: 10 mile

****NOTE: there is one section of the perimeter road (Roston Drive to A5 roundabout) which is no longer lit. Whilst it’s busy with car headlights helping to light the way, if you have a head torch, please bring it along. THANKS ***

Short route: 6.2 miles

Both routes are ref W10 in the ‘big book’

Option to reduce the long route to 8.5 miles by turning back to the Leisure Centre at the top of Woodland Road.

6.15 meet for 6.30pm prompt departure please and remember ‘be safe, be seen’ while you are running.


Tuesday Training – 5 Dec

Logix Park for a “Meet, greet and retreat” session. In pairs, of equal ability, one running clockwise, one running anti-clockwise at 5k pace, meet in the middle of the loop, pass each other back to the start, 1 minute (minimum) recovery then turn around and go back the other way around. 30 minute session.
Meet at the Leisure Centre 6:15 to leave at 6:30. Session starts at usual place where the 5k time trial begins in Logix Park 6:45 😊

Coach: Jude

Tuesday Training – 28 November 2017

Tuesday Speed Work – last block of 4 of “Short Reps” – repeat of 1st one on 7th Nov
200m & 400m Reps……

Harrow Brook Ind Estate
Meet at Leisure Centre for 18:30

12.5 Mins of 200m reps, (30 sec rest between each rep).

5 mins rest

Followed by 12.5 mins of 400m reps (30 secs rest between each rep).

Aim for consistent pace per rep. Total session duration 30 mins.

Each rep to be done in a specified time, based upon your 5K PB time minus 1 min ….. as listed below: (go to the nearest full minute)

 5k Time [mins] / Run Times [secs]
    200m  400m
 15 00:33 01:05
 16 00:35 01:10
 17 00:37 01:14
 18 00:39 01:19
 19 00:41 01:23
 20 00:44 01:27
 21 00:46 01:32
 22 00:48 01:36
 23 00:50 01:40
 24 00:52 01:45
 25 00:55 01:49
 26 00:57 01:53
 27 00:59 01:58
 28 01:01 02:02
 29 01:03 02:07
 30 01:05 02:11

So, if your 5K PB is 20 mins, then your 200m and 400m rep times will be those listed above for a TARGET 5K PB of 19 mins.

Coach: Jon