Tuesday Training – 7 Nov

Tuesday Speed Work – 1st of block of 4 of “Short Reps”
200m & 400m Reps……Butt Lane
Meet at Leisure Centre for 6.30pm leave or corner of Butt Lane / Leicester Road for 6.45pm Start.
12.5 Mins of 200m reps, (30 sec rest between each rep).5 mins rest followed by 12.5 mins of 400m reps (30 secs rest between each rep). Aim for consistent pace per rep. Total session duration 30 mins.

Each rep to be done in a specified time, based upon your 5K PB time minus 1 min ….. as listed below: (go to the nearest full minute)

 5k Time [mins] / Run Times [secs]
    200m  400m
 15 00:33 01:05
 16 00:35 01:10
 17 00:37 01:14
 18 00:39 01:19
 19 00:41 01:23
 20 00:44 01:27
 21 00:46 01:32
 22 00:48 01:36
 23 00:50 01:40
 24 00:52 01:45
 25 00:55 01:49
 26 00:57 01:53
 27 00:59 01:58
 28 01:01 02:02
 29 01:03 02:07
 30 01:05 02:11

So, if your 5K PB is 20 mins, then your 200m and 400m rep times will be those listed above for a TARGET 5K PB of 19 mins.

This session will then be followed by a stretching session run by Rebecca Gould, starting prompt at 7.45pm in the meeting room at the Leisure Centre. If you have a foam roller bring one along with you.

Coach: Paul

Tuesday Training – 31 Oct

Hill Session – Castle Street. As we come to the end of the ‘Hills’ training block we repeat the first session… which was Castle Street. Primary focus is on downhill technique with uphill climb.

Meet at Leisure Centre – 6.15, start session at 6.45 at bottom of Castle Street. There will be filming of the downhill effort, please let me know at the session if you’d like to be keep out of the footage.

Coach: John

Tuesday Training – 17 Oct

Hollycroft Hills, meet at Leisure Centre to leave at 6:30pm.
Session starts at 6:45 from the top of Browning Drive, Mill Hill Road/Linden Road.
Effort up, style down, working in pairs, again in preparation for XC season (and good practice even if you don’t plan to!)

Tuesday Training – 10 Oct

Hill work in pairs/small groups, one on one off with a focus on downhill running technique so we will be running up past the church and DOWN Castle street 🙂
If anyone has any objections to being filmed on my iPad please let me know
Meet at Hinckley Leisure Centre for 6:30 depart. Non members are welcome along to try out the club.

Tuesday Training – 3 Oct

Logix Park (Same place as the 5K start)
Even pacing practice – 4 X 5mins at 5K race pace (2.5mins out and back) with a 3min rest
This is a repeat of the Barwell Lane session 3 weeks ago with a change of venue due to Barwell Lane being dark at 7.
Meet at Leisure Centre from 6:15 for a 6:30pm depart or meet at Logix Park at 6:45pm
Remember Hi-vis as it will be dark on the jog back