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HRC Quadrathon

Special event coming up! Shawn Wilebore has been hard at work putting this together.

Think of it as a sports day for the club. The idea is to bring all parts of the club together – all sorts, juniors and the seniors club.

  • When: Sunday 8th July 11am
  • Where: Pingles Stadium, Nuneaton
  • Price: £6.50

Entry is in advance –  cash, or cheque to “Hinckley Running Club Juniors” which you can bring along to training nights.

Download & print the entry form below. We will have forms available at training nights too.


Tuesday Training – 8 May

Hansom Cab/Hungry Horse Loops
20mins of ABC’s doing 2 laps on 1 lap off then for the last 10mins switch to solo Fartlek work around the loop followed by a cool down drink in the pub for anyone who fancies it
6:30 depart from LC or 6:40 start from near the hansom cab entrance

Coach: Jenny

Rainbows 100 Lap Challenge

HRC has been invited again to take part in the Rainbows 100 Lap Challenge. This year is is on Sunday July 1 11:00 at Saffron Lane athletics track. We need a team of 20 to collectively run 100 laps as a relay (so 5 laps of 400m each). Entry fee of £5. If you would like to take part please let Céline know.

Swithland 6 Entries

The Swithland 6 Race is on Sun 3rd June 2018.

Entries will open 8:30pm on this Tuesday, 10th April. Entry link is:

This will be the 5th LRRL league race of the season. A popular and very nice 6 mile course. Hope to see another great turnout, all members of the club invited and encouraged to enter. The limit is 750 entries.

More info:

Car Share for Desford 5

To car share for the race, meet from 9am at the old leisure centre car park (Trinity Vicarage Lane LE10 0BU) for setting off by 9:15.

For those who have not done one of our car shares before, parking is free all day on Sundays so you can leave your own car there.
If you don’t have a car it’s OK just pop along, there are always plenty of spaces and someone will be happy to get you to the race and back.

ALSO Bike ride courtesy of Stephen Penney… there is a group going to meet at 8.50am and leave at 9.00am from the old leisure centre car park calling by Barwell centre at 9.15am. Everyone is welcome to join in…

Tuesday training 6th March 2018 – 1 mile reps Butt Lane

Tuesday night training 6th March 2018 – 1 mile reps Butt Lane with 90 second recovery between. Session around 30 mins so about 3 reps for most but could be 2 or 4 depending on ability. This is to help with your speed endurance.

Groups of similar abilities, aim to complete each mile rep at 10 seconds per mile slower than your current 10k race pace. So this isn’t an all out mile repeat, but a controlled comfortably hard effort or about a 90% effort, but keeping in mind it is for a mile at a time for about 30 mins. Try and complete each mile in the same time.

So if you run a 50 min 10k, that is about 8:02 min/mile, so aim to run the session at 8:12 min/mile

If you don’t know your current 10k pace, try an online calculator like the link below and to find out an equivalent 10k race time and pace.

Or just go on feel, comfortably hard.

Start on Butt Lane just past Trafford Road, counter clockwise, finish back on Butt Lane just before Woodland Road see image below.

Meet at Leisure Center at 18:15 for a 18:30 start.

Derby Runner XC Individuals Results 2017/18

The 2017/18 Derby Runner XC League is almost at a close, with one race to go. The individuals results have been sent out and here they are: Individual tables (xls)

This season the individuals tables are based on the best four results from the first five races. Here are the Hinckley runners who have achieved placings in the results:

Rich Whitelegg – 54 pts – 2nd V45 Male
Nick Moore – 198 pts – 21st Senior Male
Steve Tampin – 423 pts – 8th V45 Male
Matthew Jordan – 1049 pts – 26th V45 Male
Jonathan Richardson – 1240 pts – 23rd V50 Male

Kate Perkins – 64 pts – 11th Senior Femals
Bethan Padbury – 79 pts – 3rd U20 Female
Jenny Green – 150 pts – 17th Senior Female
Céline Guéry – 203 pts – 23rd Senior Female

Congratulations to all the above and to all the others who have taken part in any amount of the XC races this year.