Thursday Routes – 19 Apr

Long route : 9.5 miles (can be shortened to 8.5 miles- see below)

Short route : 6.5 miles

Both routes head out down Leicester Road and along Burbage Common Road. The shorter route turns off the road at Bridge Farm, follows the footpath through the farm (there is a track on a field for a short distance) then back onto the road to join the longer route.

The routes are not in the ‘big book’; they are new routes so please study the map(s) carefully!!

I won’t be able to join you on Thursday so hope that everyone is OK with this.

If you prefer to stick to the longer route, this can be made shorter by a mile by omitting the Tudor Road loop at the end.

Have a good run everyone 


Tuesday Training – 17 Apr

18:15 meet at the Leisure Centre for 18:30 start

Hill session

Sketchley Lane, short, fast and hard reps from the bottom of the hill by the barrier to the top barrier. Recovery jog back down, no rest at the bottom other than to regroup. Maybe a sip of water in the middle!
Aim is for a controlled hard effort, speed and strength up the hill. Will help with top end speed and strength.

25 mins session

Coach: Jon

Thursday Routes – 12 Apr

There’s not much between the long and short routes this week – the shorter route just misses off a mile+ loop at the end, but for those who want to run further, you can add more loops onto the long route.

Long route: 8.75 miles

Short route: 7.5 miles

Again, neither route is in the ‘big book’ as I have used a mix between Summer and Winter routes – hitting the lanes before it starts to go dark.

High -Viz tops still advisable particularly if the weather is murky like tonight!

See you there 


Thursday Routes – 5 Apr

Thursday Routes

These are not in the ‘big book’ as I have included Rogues Lane etc at the start whilst still light then back to ‘lit’ roads as it starts to go dark so please check the routes carefully!!

Long route: 9.9 miles

Short route: 5.5 miles

There are points on the long route where this can be shorted to somewhere between the long and short route distances.

High viz tops are still advisable please

6.20pm meet for 6.30pm departure.

See you there 


Tuesday Training – 3 Apr

Salisbury Road, Burbage – off Winchester Drive Meet at the junction of Sherborne Road with Salisbury Road

Meet at the LC at 6:30 pm – if going straight to the venue then meet about 6:45

Lovely lovely hills! Seeing as you all seemed to “love” this session last time

Short good Hill Form drills & Practice.

Then working in pairs – ‘Cat & Mouse’ up the hill, take it in turns to be the Mouse

Please note, this session will be repeated in week 4. Take note of how many reps your pair manages, what your perceived rate of exertion is ( breathing, can you talk?) at the halfway point and at the end of the session.

Coach: Odette

Thursday Routes – 29 Mar

Thursday routes! A hybrid winter/summer route not in the book. Heading straight out to Aston Flamville to take advantage of the light, second half round the streets of Burbage as it will be getting dark.
Long route 8.5 miles
Short route 6.5 miles
Meet Leisure Centre from 6:15 departing 6:30 as usual …. hi-vis please at is will be dark by the end. See ya there -Nick

Tuesday Training – 28 Mar

1 mile repeats from Butt Lane. Week 4 of long reps therefore a repeat of Jon’s session from 3 weeks ago. 35 minutes of running with a 90 second rest so room for 3-4 reps. Did you time your reps? Let’s see if you can smash it tomorrow! Missed Jon’s session? Mile repeats are a great way to see where you are and we will do them later in the year also so come along!

Depart from Leisure Centre at 6:30pm or start from the Leicester Road end of Butt Lane by the big trees at 6:45pm.

Coach: Jenny

Tuesday Training – 20 Mar

Harrowbrook Ind Estate – Pyramids = continuous running

Warm up 1.5 miles

Using corner markers
1 x fast
1 x recovery jog
2 x fast
1 x recovery jog
3 x fast
1 x recovery jog
4 x fast
1 x recovery jog

Back down ..

3 x fast
1 x recovery jog
2 x fast
1 x recovery jog
1 x fast

Repeat for 30 minutes at 5k pace

Jude will do a short warm up at location and cool down after

Meet at leisure centre for 6:30 depart .. please wear Hi Viz

Michelle and Jude would love to see as many HRC members as possible 

Thursday Routes – 8 Mar

Long route is as per the link below (9 miles). For those looking for a shorter route, there are several options:
1) omit the Tudor Road loop at the end, making it around 8 miles
2) retrace your steps once in Barwell Town Centre (at the roundabout by the Blacksmith’s Arms) and that will make it just over 6 miles.

Not long now until the clocks change so soon we will be able to enjoy some of our Summer routes 

Usual 6.15-6.20pm meet for 6.30pm departure.

See you there 


Tuesday Training – 27 Feb

We are finishing the “Short Reps” block by repeating the first session.. Sunnyside

Meet at Leisure Centre for 6.35pm prompt leave, or Sunnyside for 6:50pm prompt start.

Dynamic Warm up, followed by 400m / 100m Compound Sets. Stretching session as part of cool down – 30 mins of running fun. 😉

Run 400 meters at 5K race pace then speed up to sprint pace for 100m with no recovery between the set components

Pace :
400 meters at 5K race pace, 100 meters at sprint pace

Recovery :
No recovery between the 400 meter and 100 meter components. 1 to 1:30 minutes of passive recovery between each compound set

• Compound sets are more advanced workouts that are made up of two different distances and/or paces that you perform with no recovery.

• You would take some recovery between each set, but no recovery between the components of each set.

• Compound sets are very good race specific interval training workouts. This first compound set is a more advanced version of the 500 meter repeats that adds in a fast finish.

• This interval training session is great for building a finishing kick.

Coach: John