Thursday Routes – 26 July

Thursday routes for 26th July … down the canal with plenty of trees to give some shade.
Long S12 – 8.8 miles
Short S12 – 6.3 miles
Meet at leisure centre from 6:15 for 6:30 departure.
Please note it’s forecast to be extremely hot tomorrow night, so consider bringing water and plan for an easy pace.

Thursday Routes – 28 Jun

Just one route posted as I know lots will probably do their own thing in order to get back to watch the England match.

I will be running this route at 5pm if anyone (my speed!) wants to do the same.

Maybe if you are planning to run at the usual 6.30pm time, you could message those in ‘your group’ – just want to make sure that no one ends up running on their own 

Have a good run and enjoy the football


Tuesday Training – 26 Jun

Hollycroft park

I will meet you there, come in the entrance on Hollycroft at the bottom of the hill.

We will be doing about 1/2m at just quicker than 5k pace, with 1/4 recovery jog. Using the left side of the park (looking from the bottom). So up then down the hill, so try for an even effort rather than pace. 2 loops at effort, then 1 recovery loop for you to regroup, have a social chat etc 😀

Worth bringing water folks, it might be warm.

Purpose is to improve your VO2 Max.


Thursday Routes – 14 Jun

S04 long and short in the big book of routes.

Long route: 9.3 miles…/…/2016/07/S04-Long.jpg

Short route: 6.9 miles…/uploads/2016/07/S04-S…

I may not be able to join you (Primary Schools Area Sports comp in Leicester) so please ensure you are familiar with the routes!

6.20pm meet outside the Leisure Centre for a 6.30pm departure.

Have a good run!


Tuesday Training – 5 Jun

Location – Langdale community Park – Off Brodick Road

Approximately 1.5 mile warm up to location

Session – Pyramid 44.30 minute session of which 15.30 will be easy/recovery

30 sec quick, 30 sec easy x 5
1 min quick, 30 sec easy x 5
2 min quick, 1 min easy x 2
3 min quick, 1 min easy x 1

Back down ..

3 min quick, 1 min easy x 1
Etc etc etc

Simply .. run and recover on the whistle 😁🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♂️🚶🏽‍♂️

NO warm up on location so please ensure you warm up if you’re meeting at the park

Come on let’s do this !


Thursday Routes – 19 Apr

Long route : 9.5 miles (can be shortened to 8.5 miles- see below)

Short route : 6.5 miles

Both routes head out down Leicester Road and along Burbage Common Road. The shorter route turns off the road at Bridge Farm, follows the footpath through the farm (there is a track on a field for a short distance) then back onto the road to join the longer route.

The routes are not in the ‘big book’; they are new routes so please study the map(s) carefully!!

I won’t be able to join you on Thursday so hope that everyone is OK with this.

If you prefer to stick to the longer route, this can be made shorter by a mile by omitting the Tudor Road loop at the end.

Have a good run everyone 


Tuesday Training – 17 Apr

18:15 meet at the Leisure Centre for 18:30 start

Hill session

Sketchley Lane, short, fast and hard reps from the bottom of the hill by the barrier to the top barrier. Recovery jog back down, no rest at the bottom other than to regroup. Maybe a sip of water in the middle!
Aim is for a controlled hard effort, speed and strength up the hill. Will help with top end speed and strength.

25 mins session

Coach: Jon

Thursday Routes – 12 Apr

There’s not much between the long and short routes this week – the shorter route just misses off a mile+ loop at the end, but for those who want to run further, you can add more loops onto the long route.

Long route: 8.75 miles

Short route: 7.5 miles

Again, neither route is in the ‘big book’ as I have used a mix between Summer and Winter routes – hitting the lanes before it starts to go dark.

High -Viz tops still advisable particularly if the weather is murky like tonight!

See you there 


Thursday Routes – 5 Apr

Thursday Routes

These are not in the ‘big book’ as I have included Rogues Lane etc at the start whilst still light then back to ‘lit’ roads as it starts to go dark so please check the routes carefully!!

Long route: 9.9 miles

Short route: 5.5 miles

There are points on the long route where this can be shorted to somewhere between the long and short route distances.

High viz tops are still advisable please

6.20pm meet for 6.30pm departure.

See you there