Thursday Routes – 3 Jan

Come and join us for the first Thursday session of 2019!
Routes ref W02 in the big book of routes.
Long: 9.8 miles…/…/09/W02-Long_edit.jpg
Short: 7.3 miles…/uploads/2016/09/W02-S…
6.20 pm meet for a 6.30 departure.
Remember to dress to be seen! But the days are getting longer now at least!!
See you there πŸ™‚


Thursday Routes – 20 Dec

Thursday routes: Both ref W10
Long: 10 miles…/…/2016/09/W10-Long.jpg
Short: 6.2 miles…/uploads/2016/09/W10-S…
6.20pm meet at the leisure centre for a 6.30pm departure with your high viz tops please!
This will be our last Thursday route before Christmas. The next Thursday club night will be Thursday 3rd January – I will post the route during that week.
See you there Thursday if you are joining us, otherwise, have a fantastic ChristmasπŸ™‚


Tuesday Training – 18 Dec

Training- Hollycroft Hill session.
In preparation for potential overindulgence at Christmas, Effort and Recovery!
Figure of eight, down Linden Road, up Browning Drive, down Linden Road again, up St George’s Avenue.
Effort up hill, recovery downhill, continuous session for 45 minutes (😱 just kidding!- 30 minutes)
Meet at the LC from 6:15 to leave at 6:30 or at the top of Linden Road to start the session at 6:45pm 😊
Love Hills!


Tuesday Training – 11 Dec

Tuesday night training πŸŽ„
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse 🐭
Cat and mouse session – Sunnyside loops
Pairs of equal ability;
Runner two chases runner one
Followed by an Active recovery ( in your pairs )
Runner one chases runner two
Repeat for 30 minutes
Meet L/C for 6:30 departure
Followed by mince pies πŸ₯§Β  Liz’s house
Let’s burn some calories ! #strongerforlonger


Thursday Routes – 27 Nov

This Thursday is the first of our ‘paced’ runs (more information will follow from our committee regarding pacers etc before Thursday)
I have chosen the ‘Barwell run’ – simply because it is easy to navigate: quite a number of you know this route and all groups follow the same route for the first 8 miles.
Long route: 9 miles…/…/2016/09/W09-Long.jpg
Short route: 8.2 miles
As per the long route but omit the Tudor Road loop at the end and run straight back up Ashby Road.
6.20 meet at leisure centre for a 6.30 prompt departure.
Hi Viz essential.
See you there πŸ™‚


Thanks for this Penny. On the back of the poll we have 3 pacing groups. The 8:30 (long) group will be paced by Greg and CΓ©line. Charlotte is pacing the 9 min (Long) and Jenny and I will be pacing the 9:30 to 10 (short).