Thursday Routes – 20 July

This week’s route is S18 in the big book. Out on Barwell lane to Barwell. Short route comes back via Rogues Lane whereas the long route goes out to Stapleton.

Long Route 9.3miles:

Short Route 6.8 Miles:

Meet 6.15pm at Leisure centre for 6:30 depart.

Non-members are welcome to join us to try out the club – just come along to the Leisure Centre . In summer we meet out in front.

Tuesday Training – 18th July

Browning Drive hill session- 30 mins
Leaving LC at 6:30pm or meeting at bottom of Saint George’s Avenue (near Hollycroft Park) at 6:45

B & C groups- running a figure of 8 at 80% effort followed by 1 minute recovery

A group- continuous figure of 8 using the middle downhill as recovery 


Non members are invitied to join us and come along to try out the club. Meet at 6.15 at Hinckley Leisure Centre for 6:30 depart.

Thursday Routes – 13th July

This week we will head out on the roads then back along the Ashby Canal towpath – route S12 in the book & on website.

Long Route 8.8 Miles

Short Route 6.3 Miles

Meet as usual out the front of the Leisure Centre from 6.15 6.30pm prompt depart. See you there 😎

Non-members are welcome to join us to try out the club. Just come along to the Leisure Centre.

Thursday Routes – 6th July

Thursday Evening Routes
S10 short and long from the ‘big book’ and on our website. Long route heads out along Burbage Common Road towards Elmesthorpe.

Long route: 8.6miles…/u…/2016/07/S10-Long.jpg

Short route: 6.3 miles…/…/2016/07/S10-Short.jpg

6.30pm prompt departure from the leisure centre.

See you there 


Non-members are invited to join us and come along to try out the club, just come along to Hinckley Leisure Centre. We meet out in front from about 6:15.

Tuesday training 4th July 2017

Tuesday night training 4th July 2017

Hydes lane 3 x 1 mile reps with 90 second recovery.

Groups of similar abilities, aim to complete each mile rep at a goal 5k pace. Then 90 second recovery before the group goes again. Will set groups off in waves.

It half a mile up the lane, 180 degree turn and back to the start for a mile rep.

Please consider the weather and if you need to take a drink with you.

Warm up is down past DPD on the path, then past the start of the timed 5k in Logix Park, out to the A5 and right, over the bridge, down the steps to the canal, under the bridge and takes you out to Hydes Lane.

I will try and get to the Leisure Centre, but if I don’t make it in time will head straight to Hydes Lane.

If you have a goal race in mind that isn’t a 5k, try an online calculator like the link below and to find out an equivalent 5k race time and pace.

If you are racing the following day, consider if doing this session is sensible.
Meet at the Leisure Centre 6:15pm for 6:30 depart.

Thursday Routes – 29 June

Thursday evening routes:

Long Route 8.8 miles: ref: ‘S13 Long’ in the ‘big book’ and on our website (see the ‘Thursday evening routes’ link).

For the shorter route, omit the Rogues Lane loop and head straight back along Stoke Road to Morrisons then home – this will make it a 6 mile route.

6.30pm departure from outside the Leisure Centre.

See you there


Non-members are invitied to join us and come along to try out the club. We meet from 6.15pm in front of Hinckley Leisure Centre for 6:30pm depart.

Tuesday Training – 27 June

Tuesday night training –
Logix Park – Long reps (approx .80 of a mile)
Coaches – Michelle & Jenny
Ideally (but not essential) working in pairs of equal ability
Meet and retreat session – run at pace in the opposite direction to your partner, meet then retreat at a faster pace back to the start (negative split)
Repeat twice , third rep is a continuous loop passing your partner
2 minute rest then change direction heading out in the opposite direction you started.
The purpose of this session is to practice negative splits.
Repeat for 35 minutes

Hope to see you there

Michelle & Jenny

Non members are invitied to join us and come along to try out the club. Meet at 6.15 at Hinckley Leisure Centre for 6:30 depart.

Thursday Routes – 22 June

As I am not sure how hot / humid it is going to be tomorrow, I have planned two routes (not in the ‘big book’!!) which include Burbage Woods and which stay pretty close to home so anyone who is struggling in the heat can get back easily.
Most of you are familiar with the woods so I hope can make sense of the route (!) but have a good look at the routes (it makes more sense if you use the ‘satellite option’ on ‘Mapometer’) before you come to the club and we will also make sure that everyone is running with someone / a group who knows where they are going!!

Short route : 7.1 miles approx

Long route: 9.3 miles approx

Please keep hydrated if the temperatures are still high.

Hinckley Leisure Centre 6.15pm for 6.30pm departure.

See you there 


Non members are welcome to join us and come along to try out the club.

Tuesday Training – 20th June

HANSOM CAB LONG REPS (approx 400m per loop)
COACHES: Michelle and Jenny
Working in 3’s of equal ability as A, B and C
A and B start, A drops off and B picks up C, B drops off and C picks up A, C drops off and A picks up B and so on for 30mins. This is a 2 lap on one lap off session (with the exception of A on the first loop). The purpose of the session is even pacing practice (the partner you pick up on lap 2 will help with this as they will have fresher legs following their rest)
The weather is looking good so it would be rude not to pop in the pub for a drink so if you are feeling sociable, put some £ in your pocket for a refreshing cold post-run refuel 🙂
Meet at the Leisure Centre 6:15pm for 6:30 depart or at Hansom Cab 6:40.