Tuesday Training — 25 July

Hollycroft park. Little & Large Hill training. A small hill and then a big hill with different recovery lengths between each loop so please bring watches.
Leisure Centre 6:25, 6:40 start at the bottom of the park.
30 minutes training

Non members are invitied to join us and come along to try out the club. Meet from 6.15 at Hinckley Leisure Centre.

Training Tuesday 11th July 2017

Training tomorrow evening is shorter long reps at Swallows Green playing field.
450m at 5k pace at 3minute intervals x5, 3 minute rest, then repeat, making 10 reps in all. 35 minute session
Opportunity to increase or decrease the distance and reduce the number of reps if required.
Meet at the LC from 6:15 for a 6:30 warm up run to the playing field on Barwell Lane, aiming to start the session at about 6:45

Gaddesby 7 and Swithland 6

Hinckley runners at the Swithland 6 league race.

A quick look back at the last two sunny Sunday league races, which both featured a great turnout from the club. At the Gaddesby 7 on 21st May, 29 Hinckley runners completed the 7-mile race:

Chris Limmer – 42:39, Chris Langham – 42:59, Nick Moore – 45:09, Joe Langham – 45:25, Harry Langham – 47:30, Rolf Hoelmer – 49:33, Tom Wormleighton – 50:05, Rob Pratt – 50:33, Tim Payne – 51:29, Celine Guery – 53:02, Kate Perkins – 53:24, William Pither – 55:10, Sarah Garford – 55:12, James McBean – 55:30, Penny Masser – 56:10, Greg Pollard – 56:07, Michelle Fowler – 57:32, Jenny Green – 58:25, Richard Guest – 1:00:10, Kerry Wittering – 1:02:37, Nicola Dutton – 1:02:55, Geoffrey Oliver – 1:07:27, Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield – 1:09:55, Andrea Earley – 1:13:25, Odette Foxall – 1:13:21, Sarah McSharry – 1:15:10, Elaine Wischhusen – 1:14:55, Judy McSharry – 1:15:12, Diane Wildbur – 1:17:52

And at the Swithland 6 on 4th June, Hinckley’s 32 finishers were:

Chris Langham – 35:54, Joe Langham – 38:01, Harry Langham – 38:10, Tom Wormleighton – 39:39, Mark Jones – 39:36, Rob Pratt – 41:41, Rolf Hoelmer – 42:52, James McBean – 43:59, Rebecca Gould – 44:38, Celine Guery – 44:47, Kate Perkins – 44:51, Ali Higgins – 45:28, Leanne Byard – 45:44, Penny Masser – 46:50, Jenny Green – 46:51, William Pither – 47:48, Michelle Fowler – 48:22, Edward Nixon – 49:55, Ian Sylvester – 50:17, Jane Wheeler – 50:55, Richard Guest – 51:30, Kerry Wittering – 51:56, Nicola Dutton – 52:06, Emma Thompson – 52:48, Julia Waite – 53:59, Charlotte May Sinclair – 54:40, Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield – 57:10, Erica Fisher – 59:19, Odette Foxall – 1:01:48, Stephanie Harris – 1:02:46, Elaine Wischhusen – 1:03:04, Judy McSharry – 1:03:24

Full results as usual on the results page.

League wise, the women’s team have lifted themselves out of the relegation places with the strong showing of the last two races putting them firmly 6th. Meanwhile the mens team have dropped a little and are battling Desford for the 5th spot.


I took some pictures at Swithland and these were my two favourites:

Charlotte Sinclair
Ali Higgins

Thanks to Team Anstey and Birstall RC for putting on these two excellent races. The next LRRL league race is the Wreake Runners Hungarton 7 on 5th July – enter here!

West End 8 Report

Hinckley at the West End 8

26 Hinckley runners ran the West End 8 on Sunday 7th May – the first race of the LRRL summer league. It’s a scenic 8 mile road race on the country lanes near Syston, “undulating” at first, with a tough hill in the middle and a nice downhill finish.

A massive turnout from the ladies, with 19 running. It was Hinckley ladies’ best result of the 2017 season so far, coming 4th in the division. The men’s team was a bit short on numbers, with just 7 men racing this one, and we were 7th in our division behind all the teams with the full eight men (but still ahead of Coritanians who had zero men…)

Now the ladies are up to joint 6th in div 1, and the men have dropped a place to 5th in div 1. Still 6 races to go.

The full HRC roll of honour was: Chris Limmer – 47:03, Chris Langham – 48:36, Nick Moore – 53:39, Harry Langham – 54:59, Bethan Padbury – 58:36, Kate Perkins – 59:00, Celine Guery – 59:36, Leanne Byard – 01:00:36, Greg Pollard – 01:02:42, William Pither – 01:02:52, Penny Masser – 01:03:27, Jenny Green – 01:04:11, Richard Guest – 01:08:20, Kerry Wittering – 01:10:35, Nicola Dutton – 01:11:57, Emma Thompson – 01:13:35, Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield – 01:16:40, Jodie Brown – 01:16:58, Julie Hudson – 01:17:14, Andrea Earley – 01:19:33, Diane Wildbur – 01:21:40, Odette Foxall – 01:22:23, Sarah McSharry – 01:22:54, Judy McSharry – 01:22:51, Erica Fisher – 01:23:25, Stephanie Harris – 01:26:58

Full Results

Well done to all the runners and welcome to league racing to Jodie Brown running her first race in Hinckley colours. Runners of the day: Jude McSharry, who finished the race together with daughter Sarah, and Greg Pollard who ran a cracking race (and just beating Will Pither at the finish, a possible rivalry developing…)

Thanks to West End Runners for putting on the race. Next LRRL races are Gaddesby 7 (21st May) and Swithland 6 (4th June) which are both now closed for entries. Then the Hungarton 7 on 5th July which has just opened for entries.

Livingston Relays Results

The start of the Livingston Relays 2017

The Livingston Relays were held on Sunday 30th April at Braunstone Park, Leicester. It a relay race in which each competitor runs a single lap of 3 miles. Official results are here. Hinckley’s teams were:

Under 15 Girls category (8 teams)
5th Place – Olivia Sykes 21:43, Isobel Sykes 23:31, Isabella Wrightam 21:16 – Total 66:30

Senior Women category (45 teams)
3rd Place – Hinckley “A” – Bethan Padbury 20:07, Kate Perkins 20:53, Rebecca Gould 20:50 – Total 61:50
16th Place – Hinckley “B” – Jenny Green 22:13, Emma Thompson 25:39, Céline Guéry 21:21 – Total 69:12
25th Place – Hinckley “C” – Andrea Earley 27:47, Debbie Moore 22:51, Elaine Doran 23:32 – Total 74:10

Senior Men category (44 teams)
9th Place – Hinckley “B” – Richard Whitelegg 16:36, Simon Earley 18:07, Chris Langham 17:49, Dave Masser 18:05 – Total 70:37
20th Place – Hinckley “A” – Ben Harding 15:52, Harry Langham 18:22, Joe Langham 17:55, Ben Masser 22:51 – Total 75:00

The senior ladies “A” placed 3rd in the medals, however their medals were given out to a different team on the day and the result was later corrected; hopefully we will get the medals back!

With the excellent weather it made for a really good day out and we hope to be back next year. Our thanks to the organisers for putting on this great local event.

Team photo time at the Livingston Relays

Training T-shirts

Hinckley Running Club is proud to present HRC Training T-shirts. These are Hinckley blue with the logo on the front and Hinckley Running Club on the back in white. See the photos below, kindly modelled by Ben.

These will be on sale shortly, and as with other kit, at cost price and in a range of sizes kindly organised by Penny. They cost £10.

The club would like to give away 10 t-shirts. To be in with a chance, you just need to turn up to the Leisure Centre and take part in a Tuesday or Thursday session during May 2017. Each time you do we will put your name in a hat. At the end of May we will draw 10 names. So the more sessions you go to, the more chance you have.

I will be at the Leisure Centre to take a register of names at each session. Good luck everyone. We all look forward to seeing these out and about in the streets of Hinckley, or even further afield!

Derby Runner Cross Country League 2016/17 season overview

The Derby Runner Cross Country League  2017 season has come to a close and the results are in.

Well done to the Ladies for coming first in Division 2.

Final Tables


LeaguePosClubTot PtsCountRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
6Derby Tri3253335148644
10Leicester Tri1574381212522
4Poplar RC98734014131014151616
12Coalville Tri2692257811
14Team Anstey208441119
15Team Derby Runner960969
Soar Valley1896


LeaguePosClubTot PtsCountRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
7Leicester Tri2914773282536
2Poplar RC125116118181916171918
8Team Derby Runner71279715571291310
11Derby Tri572304167131011
13Team Anstey34255359911
14Coalville Tri32240311138
Soar Valley494

Combined Team

LeaguePosClubTot PtsCountRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Race 6Race 7
9Derby Tri175471513233
10Leicester Tri1468441211522
3Poplar RC106656915131316161716
12Coalville Tri341045968128
13Team Anstey2410086987
14Team Derby Runner16806579
Soar Valley2390

Individual winners and placings can be found on a previous article:

Final Individuals Standings from the Derby Runner XC League

Results and runners of the day can be found on our results page here:

2016/17 Races & Results

Well done to everyone who has taken part, either as a runner, supporter or volunteer.
100% finishers of all the XC races go to the following; Ben Haring, Joe Langham and Bethan Padbury.