Training Tuesday 12th September 2017

Barwell Lane 5 min reps at your current 5k race pace

Meet as normal at the Leisure Centre at 18:15 to leave at 18:30

Warm up run to Barwell Lane, a bit over a mile. Then quick warm up on the park next to it.

This is a long rep session with the pupose to improve your VO2 max whilst avoiding the build up of lactate in your legs. So it is important not to go off too quick. So think hard, but not all out. Think of the effort you would put into a parkrun or 5k race.

Starting near the Hinckley end, everyone will run towards Barwell for 2 and half mins, turn around and run back 2 and a half mins. No resting when you turn around. You should arrive back to the start at the end of 5 mins of running your 5k pace.

This will be repeated 4 times and you should keep the same pace througout so hit the same turn around point.

At the end of your 5 mins, you will recive a 3 min recovery. I suggest a short slow walk/jog back down the lane, don’t stray too far, you need to get back to run your next interval on the whistle.

If you are struggeling, slow down, and/or do less than the 4 sets. For those with energy left and still hitting their first marks after the 4th one, an optional bonus one is availble and no extra charge.

So in short;

5 min at 5k pace

3 min recovery

repeat the above 4 times.

We aim to repeat this session in 4 weeks to see how you are all getting on.

If you have run a recent 5k or parkrun great, if another race, try this to help predict a 5k time.

Run back to the Leisure Centre to warm down, followed by a session on Stretching and Injury Prevention there by Becca.

Jon & Liz

Training Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Swallows Green Field, Barwell Lane

Speed Session – continues loops at effort 35 minutes, run and recover on the whistle
3 sets of;
1 min fast, 1 min recovery ( jog or walk )
1 min fast, 1 min recovery
3 min fast, 1 min recovery
30 sec fast, 30 sec recovery
30 sec fast, 30 sec recovery
30 sec fast, 1 min recovery
Repeat 3 times

Meet at the Leisure Centre at 18:15 for a 18:30 start

Warm up Castle Street, New Buildings, Leicester Rd, Stoney Gate, Laneside Drive
Hope to see as many of you as possible 😊
Fowler and Jon

Thursday routes 10th August 2017

S15 in the big book.

Meet at the Leisure Centre at 18:15 to set off at 18:30 sharp so we can get to the pub after the run! All welcome at The Railway (Steamin Billy opposite the train station).

Non-members are welcome to join us to try out the club – just come along to the Leisure Centre . In summer we meet out in front (if it is raining, which it mostly seems to be, we will be inside downstairs in the room on the left)

Short Route 6.6 miles

Long route 7.9 miles

Training Tuesday 11th July 2017

Training tomorrow evening is shorter long reps at Swallows Green playing field.
450m at 5k pace at 3minute intervals x5, 3 minute rest, then repeat, making 10 reps in all. 35 minute session
Opportunity to increase or decrease the distance and reduce the number of reps if required.
Meet at the LC from 6:15 for a 6:30 warm up run to the playing field on Barwell Lane, aiming to start the session at about 6:45

Tuesday training 4th July 2017

Tuesday night training 4th July 2017

Hydes lane 3 x 1 mile reps with 90 second recovery.

Groups of similar abilities, aim to complete each mile rep at a goal 5k pace. Then 90 second recovery before the group goes again. Will set groups off in waves.

It half a mile up the lane, 180 degree turn and back to the start for a mile rep.

Please consider the weather and if you need to take a drink with you.

Warm up is down past DPD on the path, then past the start of the timed 5k in Logix Park, out to the A5 and right, over the bridge, down the steps to the canal, under the bridge and takes you out to Hydes Lane.

I will try and get to the Leisure Centre, but if I don’t make it in time will head straight to Hydes Lane.

If you have a goal race in mind that isn’t a 5k, try an online calculator like the link below and to find out an equivalent 5k race time and pace.

If you are racing the following day, consider if doing this session is sensible.
Meet at the Leisure Centre 6:15pm for 6:30 depart.

Thursday 11th May 2017 route

Whilst a little rain is forecast for tomorrow, the ground is dry so I have included a route with a bit of ‘off road’ in it! For those members who are new to our ‘Summer routes’, don’t worry – on this route, most of the group usually all stay together for the first 2-3 miles (the tricky bit!) and then those who want to ‘push on’ can do so after that.

The long route is 8.3 miles (S11 ‘long’ in big book and on web site)…/u…/2016/07/S11-Long.jpg

The short route is 6.2 miles (S11 ‘short’ in the big book)…/…/2016/07/S11-Short.jpg

6.15pm meet for a 6.30pm departure at the leisure centre on the ‘outside benches’

See you there

Training Tuesday 09 May 2017 – Hollycroft Park 1/2 mile reps

Meet at the Leisure Centre as normal at 18:15 for a 18:30 start.

It should be lighter, warmer and dryer going forward (famous last words!). So think about bringing a drink, hat, sunglasses etc.

This will involve running downhill as well as up. Here is a link to a short 6 min youtube video on downhill running technique, you can practise on Tuesday.

Warm up

Meet at the Leisure Centre, 1 mile warm up through the park to Church Walk, turn right and head to Castle Street and up to the top. Left onto New Buildings past B and Q. Over the road towards the Weavers Arms and keep going to Factory Road, turn left down Factory Road. At the end, turn right down Hollycroft hill to the park.

Can lengthen this by turning right on Factory Road, down Edward Street to Tudor Road, left, left again back up Stanley Road.

Can shorten by going direct there.

Follow this with a lap of the route which is about 1/4 mile to get your legs used to the up and down and check the loop for any hazards. Then into a dynamic warm up.

The Loop

The above loop is approx 1/4 mile. Running it anti-clockwise so along the bottom, turn left up the hill nearer the bandstand. At the top turn left and head downhill on the path nearer Hollycroft road.


To build endurance and to work on downhill running technique.


Working in pairs or small groups of similar abilities. 2 laps, so about 0.5 miles or 800 meters at just quicker than your 10k race pace (or 80-90% effort). Follow those 2 laps with a recovery lap just taking it easy having a chat so you are fully recovered. Repeat for around 25 mins. Work on even effort going up and down the hill as well as across the reps.

Please be aware of other users of the park, we do not have priority. Also be mindful of runners passing you.


Warm down

A run back to the Leisure Centre (or your car, house etc). Consider taking a scenic route back and then stretching.