Thursday Routes – 14 Feb

Thursday Route: 9 miles long
Valentine’s Day run!! (sorry the route isn’t in the shape of a heart – I tried but gave up!!)
This route isn’t in the big book so make sure you are aware of where it goes! Anti clockwise around Hinckley / Burbage with a few loops.
For those wanting a shorter route, turn left at the Butt Lane / Leicester Rd junction and head back to the leisure centre for a 6 mile route.
Usual 6.20pm meet at the leisure centre for a 6.30pm departure.


Thursday Routes – 31 Jan

Note, pacing groups are available for those who would like to join a group running at a particular pace: 8:30/mi long, 9:00/mi long and 9:30/mi short.
The two routes should be visible by clicking on the link below:
Long route: 9.8 miles
Short route: 7.3 miles
Both via Barwell with optional loops around Tudor Rd / Perimeter Rd.
I have chosen this route as it is easy to navigate and follows a similar route to our first pacing session in December.
6.30pm departure from Hinckley Leisure Centre.
Look forward to seeing you there πŸ™‚


Tuesday Training – 29 Jan

Ok after a fabulous weekend of awards (well done everyone πŸ‘)
Back to training 😜
Hungry Horse loops
Weather dependent but
Effort for 2, Recovery for 1 working in 3s, 2 on 1 off, for 20 mins, then 10 mins of effort for 2 sides recovery for 1 around the β€œcircuit”! I’ll explain at the venue!
Meet at LC from 6:15, leave at 6:30 or meet at Hungry Horse at 6:45.
Be there, you know you want to πŸ˜œπŸ‘


Thursday Routes – 24 Jan

Both routes ref W03
Long: 8.9 miles, Short 7 miles
Both routes should be available on the link below:
The forecast is for it to be slightly warmer tomorrow evening by which time the ice will hopefully have melted but you will all need to take care and be mindful of prevailing conditions on the roads / paths.
6.30pm departure from the leisure centre.
See you there πŸ™‚


Tuesday Training – 15 Jan

Location – Rugby Road lay-by ( junction with Brookside )
Hill repeats
In threes A,B & C – of equal ability
Stating with runners A & B
Effort of 8/10 up the hill ( so grunts only please ) as far as Cowper Road
Form and effort back down the hill ( main focus on form please, but still with effort
Drop off A, pick up C .. fresh running buddies 😊
Meet at L/C for 6:30 depart .. one mile warm up with dynamic stretches at location


Hinckley Running Club takeover of Bedworth Parkrun…. On Saturday, Hinckley Running Club helped marshall, pace, tail-walk, time-keep, scan, token sort and photograph at Bedworth Parkrun. They also had a fair few runners taking part in the weekly event too. Thank you for having us, @bedworthparkrun, it was a pleasure to be of assistance…. #hinckleyrunningclub #runningclub #bedworth #bedworthparkrun #minerswelfarepark #parkrun #help #helpout #helpers #volunteer #volunteers #run #running #runners @parkrunuk @hinckley_running_club @hinckleyrunningclub.juniors

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