Markfield 10K Race Report

HRC runners at the Markfield start line

Sunday 12 March saw the 3rd Winter League race of the 2017 season of the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL). 19 of our members turned out to race the undulating, scenic 10k organised by Beaumont RC. We were unable to take part last year due icy weather causing the organisers to cancel. Fortunately there was no ice in sight this year which meant our running shoes were firmly on the ground when we took on the climbs!

533 runners finished the race, and it was won by Gordon Lee of Leicester Coritanian AC in 34:04, and Hannah Doran of Charnwood AC in 38:09. The first Hinckley runners home were Tom Shardlow in 36:21 and Celine Guery in 46:02.

19 Hinckley crew members raced in total, with all of us achieving a county standard time..go Hinckley! The following times were achieved:

Tom Shardlow – 36:21, Chris Langham – 37:13, William Trollope – 37:43, Nick Moore – 39:11, Joe Langham – 40:38, Harry Langham – 42:37, Jonathan Strong – 43:08, Rob Pratt – 43:58, Rolf Hoelmer – 45:36, Celine Guery – 46:02, Kate Perkins – 47:12, Tim Payne – 47:22, Jenny Green – 49:02, Michelle Fowler – 51:28, Jo Martin – 52:19, Kerry Wittering – 54:11, Emma Thompson – 56:51, Geoff Oliver – 57:14, Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield –  57:59

After 3 races our team standings are as follows:

Men – 4th in Division 1 with the B team 7th in Division 2

Vet Men – 7th in Division 2 with the B team 6th in Division 2

Ladies – 7th in Division 1 with the B team 8th in Division 1

Vet Ladies – 8th in Division 1 with the B team 7th in Division 1

We are decorating the relegation zones quite nicely on the tables at the moment but there is still time do a Leicester City and move on up! We can do it!

For full results click here

Our captains picked as runners of the day Kerry Wittering and Chris Langham, both showing fabulous hardiness and team spirit. Well done to them and all of our runners.


Final Individuals Standings from the Derby Runner XC League

The individual standings in the Derby Runner Cross Country League 2016/17 have been sent out, and topping the table is Hinckley’s Ben Harding who has achieved first place in the VM40 category, and also has the lowest points total overall making him the top men’s competitor in the Derby Runner league this year.

Ben Harding, who placed 2nd, 5th, 4th, 2nd and 1st in the first 5 races. (Photo by Stephen Lee)

In the Under 20s, Harry Langham and Bethan Padbury each took the 2nd place in their category. In the senior ladies competition Rebecca Gould was 3rd, and Kate Perkins was 6th.

The junior section had an excellent year with 10 members achieving final placings. Juniors coach Shawn Wilebore said: “3 podium finishes, and two in 4th place, I’ve never seen so many of our runners finish in the top 6, very well done juniors.”

Congratulations to all on a great season of XC racing.

The individuals results are decided based on the best 5 results from the first 6 races, with the final race (this Sunday) counting for the senior inter-club competition only. With one race to go, the ladies’ team is currently at the top of division 2, with a good chance of promotion following the final race. The men’s team is 7th in division 1 and the mixed team is also 7th (out of 10) in division 1.

The full tables of individual results are here: Seniors, Juniors. Full results for all races are on the 2016/17 Results Page. The results for Hinckley RC members (to be placed, must have run 5 or more races):

Year 3/4 Girls: Sophia Wrightam – 4th Place

Year 5/6 Boys: Josh Cooling – 6th Place

Year 5/6 Girls: Isabella Wrightam – 2nd Place

Year 7/8 Boys: Liam Hall – 6th Place, Alex Wilebore – 8th Place

Year 7/8 Girls: Elise Cook-Sutton – 3rd Place

Year 9/10 Boys: Fabien Faria – 2nd Place, Luke Burgess – 4th Place

Year 9/10 Girls: Chloe Burgess – 6th Place, Isobelle Wilbore – 8th Place

Under 20 Men: Harry Langham – 2nd Place

Under 20 Women: Bethan Padbury – 2nd place

Senior Men: Joe Langham – 22nd Place

Senior Women: Rebecca Gould – 3rd Place, Kate Perkins – 5th Place

Vet Men 40-44: Ben Harding – 1st Place

Hinckley Times article – 15 March 2017

Allestree Park XC Report

Sunday 19th Feb saw the 6th race of the Derby Runner Cross Country League, at Allestree Park, Derby. Big thanks to all the brave souls who turned out. Well, I think that was a very tough course, hardest of the season so far in my opinion. It’s a 6 mile, 2 lap course with an energy sapping continuous muddy climb for the first 1.5 miles, which is bad enough once let alone twice! The weather was nice though.

Don’t let this put you off… (Photo by Stephen Lee)
Allestree Park XC course map
Hinckley’s senior runners at Allestree, nicely symmetrically arranged.

We had 6 senior men give their all this week – unfortunately not the 8 needed for a team, so no men’s team result. But saving the day at the last minute, club newbie Elaine Barrett swooped in to to complete the ladies team, doing her first ever XC (in a borrowed vest — thanks Leanne) and I think she enjoyed it or at least she claimed to 😃. This means the ladies team was complete 4 with vet, and so a good chance at remaining near the top of Div 2 and a chance of promotion. We will get the results later in the week. Final individual tables will also be out soon, as the individual tables are calculated based on the first 6 races only.

Runners of the Day: Elaine Barrett for bravely stepping up to the plate and still smiling at the end, and Jonathan Richardson for a great run and big improvement in position on the last races.

Also of note Ben Harding, Joe Langham and Bethan Padbury all with a 100% XC completion so far, with one race to go. Joe and Beth now being the only two people left with a shot of the rare 200% award at the end of the year (the 200% award is for doing all XC and LRRL races – most recently won by Ben Masser in 2015).

Hinckley results:

Preschool-Yr6 category (1 mile race): Isabella Wrightam – 5th, Olivia Sykes – 10th, Josh Cooling – 20th, Sophia Wrightam – 27th, Amelia Martin – 42nd, Matthew Cooling – 43rd

Yr7-17yrs category (2 mile race): Fabien Faria – 7th, Elise Cook-Sutton – 10th, Liam Hall – 14th, Luke Burgess – 19th

Senior Men: Ben Harding – 7th, William Trollope – 28th, Nick Moore – 57th, Joe Langham – 109th, Mark Frost – 132nd, Jonathan Richardson – 262nd

Senior Ladies: Rebecca Gould – 10th, Bethan Padbury – 13th, Kate Perkins – 19th, Elaine Barrett – 160th

Full Results will be posted here when available.

Our thanks to Shelton Striders for putting on a great event.

The last race of the DRXC season will be on 5th March at Bosworth Battlefield – our own race organised by HRC.

Jonathan Richardson in action at Allestree (photo by Stephen Lee)
Bethan and Rebecca (photo by Stephen Lee)

Kibworth 6 Race Report

Sunday 12 Feb saw the first race in the 2017 season of the Leicestershire Road Running League (LRRL). 25 hardy members of Hinckley RC joined runners from across the county to brave the cold, wind, and snow flurries — which added a bit of extra challenge to the tough 6 mile course. Two notable hills mean it’s not really a PB course (though Joe Langham set his 6 mile PB here last year and it still stands…) but the gorgeous scenery makes it a memorable race.

Kibworth 6 Course and Elevation Profile


2017 Kibworth 6 participants on the approach to Gumley Hill (photo by Clive Mason)

533 runners finished the race, and it was won by Chris Jordan of Leicester Coritanian AC in 32:28, and Anne Holyland of Charnwood AC in 35:09.

Among the Hinckley crew there were some excellent performances and our runners achieved the following times: 

Matthew Knight – 37:34, Chris Langham – 37:16, Joe Langham – 39:03, Nick Moore – 39:36, Stephen Penney – 39:43, Jonathan Strong – 40:03, Harry Langham – 41:42, Bethan Padbury – 41:56, Céline Guéry – 44:53,  Rolf Hoelmer – 45:05, Kate Perkins – 48:48, Sarah Garford – 48:51, Ian Sylvester – 50:47, Charlotte May Sinclair – 58:01, Geoffrey Oliver – 58:37, Emma Thompson – 59:19,  Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield – 59:37, Erica Fisher – 1:00:39, Julie Hudson – 1:00:50, Elaine Wischhusen – 1:01:27, Diane Wildbur – 1:03:55, Judy McSharry – 1:04:17, Jacqueline Campbell – 1:04:27, Odette Foxall – 1:08:07, Amanda Knight – 1:09:49

Draft results are here on our results page. Team results will be out next week.

Our captains picked as runners of the day Amanda Knight and Geoff Oliver, both showing fabulous hardiness and team spirit. Well done to them and all the runners.

Thanks to Roadhoggs for the very well organised race, and especially to the marshals for standing out freezing in the cold.

Special mention also to Elaine Wischhusen’s exquisite lemon cake!

Amanda Knight, unfazed by the weather or Gumley Hill (photo by Clive Mason)


Hinckley RC club president Geoff Oliver motoring on to the finish line, with Charlotte Sinclair close behind.


Not sure who this bunch of nutters are.




Location: Sutton Cheney, Nuneaton CV13 0AD



Taking the A447 from Coalvile to Hinckley take a right turn to Sutton Cheney

Taking the A447 from Hinckley to Market Bosworth take a left turn to Sutton Cheney


Parking: CAR SHARING ESSENTIAL – There will be strict parking rules and would therefore ask that all runners please allow time to get themselves and their Children if running to the event. We have been granted a designated Car Park and are not allowed into any other areas. Parking will be £2.50 per car and will allow you to stay all day at the center should you wish to.


Course: The course will be run around the car park area and surrounding woodland and fields.

Junior race approx. 10.30am, one or two laps of field and wood depending on age –  1 & 2 Miles


Main race: start 11am (This will be a split start race so please be aware of this);

Approx 6.5 miles; There will be a small loop out and back around the fields first followed by a long winding lap to include one worn in gravel track followed by muddy trails, woods with wet areas then fields. Note the route has 2 small tarmac sections back up by the car park.


Some of you will have ran this course before as it was the very last race that Malcolm Bassett set out.

Footwear: Spikes, or ‘off-road’ shoes would be suitable (Trainers will be a struggle)

 Toilets: These are available within the Center but please be courteous to other visitors.


After Race Venue and results with room for approx 50-70 people at:

Plough – 24 Leicester Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1LS – 8 miles from race event.


Contact: Steve Hatcher, Race Co-Ordinator,  07725 233188


All runners enter at their own risk. The organisers will in no way be held responsible for any loss or damage to property or for any injury incurred

Presentation Evening

Saturday night saw another fabulous evening for Hinckley Running Club as they celebrated their annual presentation evening at Green Towers. Awards galore, a quiz, buffet and dancing were all on the agenda!

The evening began with the club’s previous Chairman, John Padbury, awarding the Chairman’s Award to, Odette Foxall, for an outstanding year of running. Her positivity, enthusiasm and commitment to the club are such an asset.

Graham Cross collected the Beginner of the Year shield from beginners coach, Leanne Byard, after progressing through the ‘All Sorts’ beginners and intermediates group, training hard and going from strength to strength.

Mens captains, Richard Guest and Nick Moore, and Ladies captains, Jenny Green and Celine Guery, presented the standard awards. Runners can gain a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond award by completing 5 different race distances within the times set by the standards. A distinction can be achieved by completing 9 distances, which must include a marathon and a 20 mile race.

Bronze Awards were presented to Greg Pollard, Jacqui Campbell, Faye Hudson, Harry Langham, Nick Moore, Jonathan Strong, Ben Masser, Charlotte May Sinclair and Julie Hudson.

Diane Wildbur, Amanda Knight, Elizabeth Aspden-Mansfield and Leanne Byard achieved Bronze Distinction Awards.

Club president, Geoff Oliver, then went on to present the President’s Shield Awards. The awards are based on a points system for individual performance in the Leicestershire Road Racing League (LRRL). The ladies shield was awarded to Sarah Garford for first place. Celine Guery came in second and third place was awarded to Bethan Padbury. Nick Moore scooped the men’s shield for first place, Joe Langham was awarded second place with third place going to Chris Langham.

LRRL Rep, Sarah Garford, presented the following LRRL trophies to club members: Bethan Padbury, Rebecca Gould, Kate Perkins, Celine Guery, Matthew Johnson, Chris Limmer, Matthew Knight, Chris Langham, Nick Moore, Joe Langham, David Limmer and Simon Birch. This is based on the runners who scored the most points during the Winter League and Summer League races.

100% attendance in the league was awarded to, Gordon Landsburgh, Sarah Garford, Nick Moore, Céline Guéry, Julia Waite and Joe Langham.

Silver Awards were presented to Elizabeth Lees, Jude McSharry, Diane Wildbur, Leanne Byard, Amanda Knight, Sally Henderson, Rebecca Gould, Erica Fisher, Joe Langham, Stephen Penney, Matthew Johnson, Ian Sylvester and Rob Pratt.

Silver Distinctions were presented to, Jenny Green, Celine Guery, Rolf Hoelmer and Matthew Knight.

Assistant Coach, Jenny Green, presented the very well deserved Coaches Award to, Erica Fisher.

Gold Awards were presented by the club captains to, Kate Perkins, Bethan Padbury, Anne Ashton, Chris Langham, Simon Earley, Chris Limmer and Paul Clayton.

The extremely prestigious Gold Distinction awards were presented to, Michelle Fowler and Penny Masser.

The final awards of the evening to be presented were the 2016 Runner of the Year trophies.

Charlotte May Sinclair scooped the Ladies Runner of the Year presented by last year’s winner, Celine Guery. The award is voted for by fellow club members who were inspired by Charlotte after her outstanding progress since joining the club, which includes 2 marathons.

Last year’s Male Runner of the Year, Paul Clayton, presented, Rolf Hoelmer, with this year’s trophy. Rolf amazingly completed 87 races covering a variety of distances from 5k to marathon and is a true inspiration to all at the club.


Juniors Presentation Evening

Hinckley Running Club’s Junior section held their annual presentation evening last night (Saturday 21st January) at ‘Mys2udio’ in Hinckley Town Centre.

The 4 top awards went to –

‘Spirit of Athletics’ (for commitment and endeavor)  – Alex Oliver

Most Improved Runner – Alex Wilebore

Male Athlete of the Year – Luke Burgess

Female Athlete of the Year – Elise Cook-Sutton

Platinum Award (35 events or over) –

Luke Burgess
Chloe Burgess
Isobelle Wilebore
Elise Cook-Sutton
Liam Hall

Diamond Award (15 – 35 events) –

Emily Buckler
Phoebe Buckler
Josh Cooling
Jack Dallinger
Ellie Haynes
Anya Ibbitson
Ellie Ibbitson
Joe Ibbitson
Aimee O’Reilly
Carys O’Reilly
Emma Thomas
Alex Wilebore
Isabella Wrightam
Sophia Wrightam
Fabien Faria
Archie Lynch

Gold Award (10 – 14 events) –

Matthew Cooper
Charlotte Hall
Matthew Cooling
Alex Oliver
James Walker

Silver Award (5 – 9 events) –

Kirk Carter
Daniel De Almada
Jasmine Morton
Teni Oyinlola
Toni Oyinlola
James Le Grice
Sophie Lord
Lowri Tollitt
Spencer Bedder
Bailey Bedder
Holly Pryor
India Pryor
Noah Langham

Bronze Award (2 – 4 events) –

Jenna Armstrong
Lauren Buckler
Daniel Cooper
Leo Stockton
Will Le Grice
Kiya Armstrong
Ellie-Mae Adcock
Imogen Suett

Also, winning cinema tickets for participating in club events were –

Josh Cooling
Noah Langham
Emily Buckler
Luke Burgess

A huge well done to each and every one of them! Plenty of future stars in the making!

Here is the link for anybody wanting to join Hinckley Running Club’s Juniors –




Details for Derby Runner XC Race 5 – Bagworth Heath

Here are the details for the Bagworth cross country race on Sunday Jan 29th. It’s open to all club members. No need to enter in advance, just turn up on the day. You just need a club vest. Hope you can make it!

Main race costs £3 and I believe the juniors race is £1.

Car share from Hinckley

If you would like to join in the car share, please meet at the old leisure centre car park (Trinity Vicarage Road, LE10 0BU) in Hinckley – meet at 9:20 to leave for 9:30.

Location: Bagworth Heath Woods, Heath Road, Bagworth, LE67 1DL

Directions: From Thornton or Merry Lees, take signs to Bagworth, then Bagworth Heath Woods.


Course: On Thornton side of the Heath.
Junior race approx. 10.30am, one or two laps of field depending on age – 1 & 2 Miles

Main race: start 11am (note-all runners will start together-no split start for this race);
Approx 6.5 miles; comprising of two long laps; testing hill on both laps; woodland and grassland tracks; approx 150m of compacted gravel over tarmac bridle path on both laps. Note the route has some very slippy sections.

Footwear: Spikes, or ‘off-road’ shoes would be suitable. Note – there are some sections of gravel track.

Toilets, showers and changing: SiD, Peckleton Lane, Desford LE9 9JU. Approx. 2miles from race, see map.

Results: SiD, Peckleton Lane, Desford LE9 9JU. Approx. 2miles from race


Details for Derby Runner XC Race No. 4 – Sinai Park

Here are the details for the next cross country race, this coming Sunday. Hope to see you there! -Nick

Car share from Hinckley

If you would like to join in the car share, please meet at the old leisure centre car park (Trinity Vicarage Road, LE10 0BU) in Hinckley – meet at 8:50 to leave for 9:00.

Cost: £3

Date: Sunday January 15th 2017
Venue: Sinai Park, Burton on Trent
Start time: Children’s race 10.15am, Senior race 11.00am
Parking: Shobnall Leisure Complex, Burton on Trent, DE14 2BB
Toilets & Changing: Available at the Shobnall Leisure Complex but showers are at a small cost, please be aware these facilities are used by others.

Parking is available at no cost but could be limited so car sharing would be helpful. Please arrive early and follow marshals instructions. Car sharing essential.

Map enclosed, upon reaching Burton town centre, follow the signs for Shobnall Leisure Complex .

Childrens Course details:
Out and back route (turn around point at 1/2mile) for under 12’s and out and back route (turn around at 1mile) for over 12’s using part of the same course – suitable for studs or spikes.

Senior Course details:
Approximately 5 mile challenging course with a good flat and downhill finish suitable for studs or spikes.

Post Race Results:
Shortly after the race has finished at Marstons Sports & Social Club just a short walk from race finish. There is to be no parking at the club. Would all runners please remove dirty footwear before entering club .

Organised by Hatton Darts
Further information:
Karen Jackson……07824 703207
Stan Knopik….07720 048626

Membership Renewals 2017

It is that time of the year where membership becomes due for renewal on 1st January 2017.

If you submitted an application form at last years renewal and all your details remain the same, there is no requirement for a completed application form this year unless you wish to do so.

Payment can either be by BACS, cheque or cash. Bank account details for BACS payments can be found on the application form.

Online form

A confirmation email will be automatically sent when you submit your application, however membership will only become valid when it is confirmed that the relevant fee has been paid.

If you wish you can instead download a paper application form.

The last day for submitting membership renewal to enable you to participate in the winter league road races and the remaining cross country races is 31st January 2017.