Derby Runner Cross Country League 2015

Please find some information below about the Cross Country races from the Derby Runner League website (

These races are CLOSED events, i.e. only members of affiliated clubs can take part.

This closed league consists of 7 cross country races of 5-7 miles, October-March. Individuals score for their team if they are in the counting 8 (men) or 4 (ladies). If individuals attend 4 out of the 5 races they can win the individual awards.

The team events have three components. The mens event needs 8 men to count, including 2 vets. The ladies event needs 4 ladies to count, including 1 vet. The overall team event needs 7 men (including 2 vets) and 3 ladies (including 1 vet). Vets are runners aged 40+, for both men and ladies.

Although the races can be competitive, they are fairly low-key events with a good friendly club atmosphere. The courses are usually proper cross country, so muddy and hilly. Results are usually finalised after the race in a nearby pub.

Start times: Junior race; 10:15am, Senior Race 10:55am
Distances: Junior U/11; 1 mile, Junior O/11, 2 miles, Senior; 8-11K
Entry fees: Junior; £1, Senior £3
Club kit: Club vests or T shirt must be worn for all races
Footwear: Studded fell shoes or cross country spikes. Trail shoes/studded road shoes may be ok depending upon conditions and the course

Prize Categories: Men

Senior (up to 39), VM40 (40-49), VM50 (50-59), VM60 (60+)

Prize Categories: Women

Senior (up to 39), VL40 (40-49), VL50 (50-59), VL60 (60+)

Age status for veterans – age as on 2nd October 2015

Car parking is often a problem because the races are popular and most of the locations are small village areas, so please car-share if possible.


-Runners, MUST return their finishing disks (to the Captains or Vice Captains)
-Runners must run in club kit (Club vest mandatory, please contact Penny Masser if you require one)
-NO Earphones MP3s or other devices – it makes insurance invalid
-At stiles if you jump any queue, you and your team will be disqualified
-Host clubs are to make sure that all marshals know the mobile phone number of the first aid co-ordinator
-Host clubs are to make sure that the children’s race has hares and/or marshals
-Please turn up early and car share
-Finally, enjoy

Markfield XC Sunday 11th October 2015

Derby Runners Cross Country Leauge, Markfield XC, organised by West End Runners. Sunday 11th October 2015.


Start times;

Junior race: 10.20am  – juniors do not need to be affiliated with a club

Men’s race: 10.55am

Lady’s race: 11.05am

Entry fees;

Children £1

Adult £3

Enter only on the day, for adults, payment to your Captain or Vice-Captains before the race. They may well want to warm up etc so please turn up with plenty of time to spare (also to help improve your chances of getting parked). Juniors sign up on the day at a central registration desk.



If you are only coming for the junior race, please park in the staff car park to allow easier exit at the end of your race.

There are no changing facilities, but toilets are available in the school grounds.

The senior race is approximately 5.5 miles


Post race venue: Bagworth Working Men’s Club, Station Road, Bagworth, LE67 1BJ

For further details please contact: Elaine O’Connor, West End Runners-

Course maps:


Google Calendar Event:


LRRL Awards – Friday 2nd October 2015

Friday 2nd October 2015 will see the annual LRRL presentation evening, held at Leicestershire County Cricket Club at 7pm. Many from the club will be attending. If you haven’t already spoken to Sarah Garford about tickets, you have until the 26th September.

We have a host of individual and team awards that will be presented on the night, please see below;

Penny Masser 3rd VET 50 Woman

Anne Ashton 1st VET 60+ Woman

Bethan Padbury 1st Under 20 Woman

Senior Men Winners of Division 2

Individual awards for 100% completion; Ben Masser (youngest ever for the league), Céline Guéry, Chris Langham, Ed Batch, Elizabeth Lees, Jenny Green, Julia Waite, Lisa Freestone and Sally Henderson


Following JF10 and the end of the summer LRRL season the results for Hinckley teams are as follows;

Vet Women 6th in Division 1

Women A team 6th in Division 1, Women B team 3rd in Division 2, Women C team 5th in Division 3

Vet Men 3rd in Division 2

Men 1st in Division 2


Well done to everyone who took part in any way, some great individual and team achievements!

Next stop, Cross Country! First being October 11th at Markfield.

John Fraser 10 Results and ROD

Last Sunday saw the final LRRL league race for this season. A great turn out again with the men out numbering the ladies for once (18 men, 16 ladies) with 34 runners, the most for the summer league races in 2015. Thanks as always to everyone who took part either by running or supporting (and/or baking cake).

Results are on the results section and we are awaiting the final league tables and will update once we have them. We are hoping that the men managed to keep 1st in Division 2 (should have done easily), that the Vet men held on to 3rd in Division 2 (close with 4th and 5th place but I’m sure they will hold onto their 3rd spot), the ladies should stay in Division 1 as they were 6th place before JF10. The ladies B team were 3rd in Division 2 so hopefully they will hold onto that spot, whilst the C team were 4th in Division 3 which is a great result for the ‘C’ team.

Below is a list of the HRC runners who have completed 100% of the LRRL winter and summer races this season. This is a massive achievement, something I tried to complete this year along with Sally. Simply fitting them in around other commitments isn’t easy. Then there are clashes with other events, either on the same day, or the day before. That’s before you factor in injury preventing you being able to take part, or the traffic that prevented Sir Ed from making the Hungarton 7 race after work on a Wednesday evening.

A special mention to Ben Masser, who is the youngest person to ever complete 100% of the league races, this year being the first time he could run some of the races over 10k. With JF10 being the furthest distance Ben has ever raced, he did amazingly well with a time of 1:07:18.

HRC 100% of LRRL races 2015:

Ben Masser

Céline Guéry

Chris Langham

Ed Batch

Elizabeth Lees

Jenny Green

Julia Waite

Lisa Freestone

Sally Henderson


Many other great performances on Sunday, including many PBs. Joe Langham had a great run again and good to have more Langham’s on at HRC this year. Runner of the day for the men goes to Tom Wormleighton, Tom has continually improved on his good performance last year over the many races he has taken part in so far this year.

Tom Wormleighton
Tom Wormleighton

For the ladies, Sarah Garford managed a 10 minute PB (paced by Sir Ed?), another 10 minute PB next year (both?)? Sally Henderson managed a PB based on it being her first 10 mile race, but also a good time for the distance and completing her 100% showing this year coming back from injury she has bounced back stronger than before. Runner of the day goes to Penny Masser, another Gold time for Penny (Diamond next year?), she has been constantly knocking out great times.


Carl Rutt Memorial (Hermitage) 10k results, ROD and LRRL league tables

The penultimate LRRL summer league race saw another good HRC turn out with 33 runners, 17 ladies and 16 men. One of my favourite courses, uphill on the way out and downhill on the way back to the finish can lead to a good negative split.Whilst most are happy to improve their times from previous years on the course. Some managed to bag a quicker time than previous 10k races like the flat Prestwold.

Well done and thanks to everyone who took part or supported.

For the men, a fantastic performance saw us finish first in Division 2 again and puts us firmly at the top and so we will finish after JF10 as 1st in Division 2. Well done!

The Vet men managed to improve to 3rd in Division 2. JF10 will decide if they can keep 3rd ahead of Ivanhoe and Roadhoggs who are hot on their heels.

For the men the ROD goes to David Limmer, despite being ‘chicked’ by Gemma Steel, he still had yet another brilliant race finishing 5th overall.

The women once again outnumbered the boys for HRC (this time only just though!). So with another great turn out they had another good performance leading them to being 6th in Division 1, the B team is 3rd in Division 2 (can you hold onto this or even improve to 2nd at JF10?), the C team is 4th in Division 3. The Vet women are also 6th in Division 1!

For the ladies the ROD goes to Kate Perkins with a very strong post baby performance. Great to see Kate getting back on form so quickly.

You can download a PDF of the tables by clicking here.

JF10 is the last race of the LRRL league summer season on Sunday 6th September 2015. Enter here if you have not already

Kate Perkins
Kate Perkins
Dave Limmer
Dave Limmer


Details for John Fraser (previously ‘Owl’s’) 10 2015

Details for John Fraser (previously ‘Owl’s’) 10 2015

Race Start: 10:30am

Location: Countesthorpe Community College, Winchester Road, Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, LE8 5PR

Official race website:

Entry details – Enter online at Entry cost £12 for affiliated runners. Race numbers are collected from race HQ before the race but look out for other club members as we will try to do a single collection for the club. Entries on the day are £15 and must be done between 8am and 10am.

Minimum Age: 16

Parking: Pretty good. On the field at the community college.

Other Notes: 5 min walk to the start. The last league race in the ‘summer’ series.


Hermitage (‘Carl Rutt’) 10k 2015

Details for Hermitage (‘Carl Rutt’) 10k 2015

Race Start: 10:30am

Location: Hermitage Leisure Centre, Silver Street, Whitwick, Leicestershire, LE67 5EU

Official race website:

Entry details – Enter online at Entry cost £12 for affiliated runners. Race numbers are collected from the Leisure Centre before the race but look out for other club members as we will try to do a single collection for the club. No entries on the day.

Minimum Age: 15

Parking: ‘Lots!’ On the field next to the Leisure Centre

Other Notes: Quite a long walk to the start (10 min). Usually get a souvenir t-shirt at the end.


Joy Cann 5 2015 Results and Runners of the day

The 4th Leicester Road Running League (LRRL) open summer race saw 23 Hinckley members toe the start line. 12 women and 11 men. With plenty of supporters too!

The open races fill up quick and that meant some people found it was full when they came to enter, so if you want to take part in the next two races please enter them now.

Sunday 23rd August 2015 Hermitage 10k

Sunday 8th September 2015 John Fraser 10

After a group photo and before the race started, there was a minutes applause in memory of Malcolm Bassett, a man who gave so much to the club, the sport and so much more.

Joy Cann 5

There were lots of great performances all round, with plenty of personal bests and standard times achieved. Results uploaded on the results page above.

Runners of the day go to Helen Wilebore and Paul Clayton, well done both.

Well done and thanks to all those who took part or supported.

Tables after Prestwold 10k show Men were top of Division 2 but with those in 2nd and 3rd pace catching up. Some good attendance and continued good performance should help us to hold on to the top spot. Vet men were 3rd in Division 2.

Women were 6th in Division 1, with B team 3rd in Division 2 and C team 6th in Division 3. Women vets were 6th in Division 1. Well done everyone, keep up the hard work in the last 2 races of the season.

Thunder Run 24 2015

Hinckley Running Club (and friends) had a total of 38 runners across 12 teams enter this years Adidas 24 hour Thunder Run at Catton Park, Derbyshire at the end of July, with many runners covering more miles than they have ever ran before, despite the muddy start.
The endurance event is now a well known national event in the running calendar and see’s solo runners through to teams of 8 run from 12pm Saturday through to 12pm Sunday, with the aim to cover the challenging 10k trail course at all times. Runners don a head torch through the night as they twist and turn through the woods. The aim is to see how many 10k laps can be completed in 24 hours. The smaller the team, the bigger the challenge.

The following 4 club members took on the penultimate challenge of running solo:

Ed Briggs ran 100K in 17:20:59
Andy Lauder (Team name Pint of Stella) ran 100K in 21:26:28
Penny Masser (Team name Half a Stella) ran 100K in 21:26:28
Jonathan Strong ran 40K in 12:18:22
The following teams braved the challenge of entering as a pair:
When it gets Tough Go Harder consisted of Sarah McSharry and Phil Caswell who ran 200K in 24:43:20, finishing 4th in their category
Pair of Nutters – Chris Langham and Jayne Thomas finished 6th in their category completing 190K in 23:23:12
Tom & Jerry – Tom Wormleighton and Jenny Green ran 160K in 22:32:57
The following teams entered in the 3-5 category:
The League of Extraordinary Misfits – Paul Clayton, Ed Nixon, Stephen Penney, Matt Johnson and Katy Grainger ran 270K in 23:04:23
The Unfortunates – Paul Ashby, Paul Tomkins, Dave Masser, Ian Walker and Sam Padbury ran 240K in 22:30:23

The Five Wishys – Elaine Wischhusen, Stuart Wischhusen, Lucy Masser, Julia Waite and Karen Burnett ran 200K in 22:53:37

Fireflies – Sarah Garford, Gill McGarry, Leanne Byard, Helen Wilebore and Sarah Johnson ran 190K in 21:42:21
Team Spongebob Slowpants entered in the 6-8 category and consisted of Gemma Daniels, Mike Daniels, Sally Henderson, Richard Guest, Gordon Landsburgh, Louise Berry, Becky Doughty and Scott Doughty who ran 210K in 24:10:22
A great time was had by all at the tough but sociable event where runners constantly cheer and support each other throughout the 24 hour period.
Hinckley Running Club meet at 6:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday evenings outside the entrance to Hinckley Leisure Centre in the summer months and in the small hall corridor in the winter months. For more information contact Club Secretary Paul Clayton on
Words by Jenny Green
The League of Extraordinary Misfits: L-R Paul Clayton, Stephen Penney, Katy Grainger, Matt Johnson and Ed Nixon
The League of Extraordinary Misfits: L-R Paul Clayton, Stephen Penney, Katy Grainger, Matt Johnson and Ed Nixon

Thursday 30 July 2015 at Bradgate Park

This Thursday the normal HRC run from Hinckley will be moving to Bradgate Park as part of a “Leicestershire Clubs and Running Groups Get Together”.

You can meet at the Leisure Centre still, but earlier at 6pm to carshare. Or make your own way to Bradgate Park Hallsgate Car Park Cropston (parking fee payable) LE7 7HQ to meet there at 6:40pm for a 7pm start.

This is a run for all abilities, including a coached hill session.

If you have a club vest, please wear it.